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About Starter Lab


Starter Lab brings naturally leavened bread full of old world soul and an international influence to Asia

A humble bakery specialising in wholesome, naturally leavened breads and pastries. This exciting venture into Singapore marks Starter Lab’s first international opening as it continues to share its inspired loaves and to break bread with its community. The popular bakery first opened in Canggu, Bali in 2017 and has been spreading its craft of bread making in the region ever since

The slow life in a modern world:

In today’s fast-paced world, Starter Lab embraces the slow life -- placing importance in decelerating a natural process.  In a time where bread has become a production commodity, Starter Lab shifts the essence of traditional baking for the 21st century, paying tribute to the “starter” – a simple mix of flour, water and naturally occurring bacteria from the baker’s hands, to cultivate wild yeast - the mother of the business

What we represent: 

Bread bakeries are in some shape or form, “Lab(s)”The quirky logo of a wheat stalk pushing out of a pot plant represents an organic and random process of creation driven by a formulaic discipline. The symbol of wheat also has a deeper meaning of charity and togetherness.



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